About Us

How It All Started

Esmé New York, a women and family-owned brand, was inspired by the diversity represented throughout the city. Esmé’s mission is to blend contemporary aesthetics with elements drawn from our rich eastern heritage. While also acknowledging the prevalence of fast-fashion, Esmé prioritizes ethical production, striving to create an ethically made brand.


All of Esmé’s pieces are produced in small batches. We recently started our own small studio for production in 2023 while also collaborating with independent tailors in Java and Bali Islands, Indonesia, our second home. Working with independent tailors ensures that profits go directly to the creators.


We sourced fabrics from local businesses in Java and Bali, as well as Texworld NYC.

Shipping Materials

Minimizing plastic packaging is our first step to reduce waste, as it is usually the first item discarded. We use recycled cardboard boxes and FSC® certified paper when shipping orders.


This is how Esmé came to be. The journey began when the founder worked with her mother and sister on laying the foundation of the brand. The brand’s commitment became clear: strive to ensure that all of Esmé’s pieces are sourced and created to benefit all who have a part in the final product.